We have always given a minimum of 10% of our tithes to mission-minded ministries outside Bible Baptist Tabernacle.  We are thankful to have the opportunity to support the following missionaries:

Baucom, Tom (Canada - 6 Nations Indian Reserve)  

Bell, Russell (Ministry of Helps - USA) >>    

Benton, Doug (American Prisons)

Bridwell, Docia  (Mexico)

Bright, Don (Macedonia)

Buchanan, Bob (Canada)

Creed, Rosco (West Virginia - USA)

Dix, Sonny (Philippines) >>

Donahue, Mitch (Spain)

Easterling, L.C. (Kentucky Mountains USA) >>

Epps, David (American Prisons)

Hart, Jim (US Marine Corps - USA) >>

Hart, Tony (Spain)

Hatchell, Henry (American Prisons) >>

Hickok, Kirk (Brazil)

Hughes, Carroll (Arizona, USA)

Johnson, Richard (New York City - USA)

Kelley, Dot (Widow of an Evangelist)

Kidwell, Scott (Maryland - USA)

Leonard, Tim (BIMI - Maintenance) >>

Lawson, Brian (Brazil) >>

Lunday, Sean (Brazil)

Mackay, Russell (Canada) >>

Maharajh, Pramand (Trinidad)

Manuel, Ron (Arizona - USA)

Miyahita, Takafumi (Japan)

Morton, Bernice (Widow of a Pastor)

Norton, Bill (Mexico)

Nunez, Milton (Brazil)

Patterson, Tom (Fellowship Tract League - USA) >>

Price, Roger (USA Church Planter)

Pupin, Geraldo (Brazil)

Reiss, Jack (Jews in USA) >>

Ribeiro, Rom (Brazil)

Richburg, Billy (Victory Baptist Press) >>

Rogers, Mrs. Don (Widow of Missionary to Mexico)

Rose, Jimmy (Director of BIMI Brazil) >>

Rose, Terrill (Brazil)

Rumsey, James (American Prisons)

Shannon, Brian (Arizona, USA - Indians) >>

Shannon, Jay (Arizona, USA - Indians) >>

Shining Light Printing Ministry (North Carolina - USA)

Simpson, Andy (Montanta, USA) >>

Sizemore, Bobby (American Prisons)

Stone, Steve (Canada)

Storz, Rolf (American Prisons)

Smith, Roy (Italy)

Smith, Robbie (Brazil)

Tabernacle Children's Home (South Carolina - USA)

Vaughn, Charles (Brazil)

Watts, Steve (Canada)

Whetstone, Danny (Director of WWNT) >>

White, Troy (Mexico)

Whittemore, Duane (Director of Anchor Baptist Missions)

Williams, Hal (Alaska, USA - Church Planting)